PPG Minutes: 28.10.2021

  • Time: 19:00
  • Place: Upminster Medical Centre (Main Waiting Area)
  • Called by: Dr Mike Jones, Hubert Liska & Djamal Djaoud
  • Facilitator: Jean Pearce
  • Minutes by: JP & DD
  • Attendees: Elizabeth Manning, Maria Foale, Marian Goldfinch, Stephenie Goldfinch
  • Apologies: Johanna Philpott  Roland Murphy , Brian Murphy & Collin Hampshire
  • Welcome & apologies: Hubert


Election of Chair of the PPG

  • Unanimous decision to elect Stephanie Goldfinch as Chairperson

F2F appointments

  • Still doing only telephone appointments initially with a GP and at the discretion of the GP.

Patients access

  • Patients are required to complete an online access form available at the reception.
  • Need to provide two forms of ID, i.e.  photo ID and a proof of address


  • Discussed complaint procedures, complaint leaflet is available in patients’ waiting area or can email the complaint to the surgery.

Flu vaccinations

  • The delivery is expected during the first week of November

Covid-19 Boosters

  • Patients that are eligible were to be notified by South PCN to go to Hornchurch library.

Next PPG Meeting to be confirmed