PPG Minutes: 19.08.2021

  • Time: 19:00
  • Place: Upminster Medical Centre (Main Waiting Area)
  • Called by: Hubert Liska & Djamal Djaoud
  • Facilitator: Jean Pearce
  • Minutes by: JP & DD
  • Attendees: Brian Palmer, Elizabeth Manning, Maria Foale, Marian Goldfinch, Stephenie Goldfinch and Roland Murphy
  • Apologies: Johanna Philpott & Collin Hampshire
  • Welcome & apologies: Hubert


  • Outlining procedures & protocols
  • Discussed the situation of the last few months
  • Assured members that Hurley is here for the patients and will do all it can for their best interest.
  • Discussed pros cons of online consultation. – long discussion followed regarding use eConsult
  • Election of a chair in the next couple of meetings
  • Dr Michael Jones to attend the next meeting.